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YX8019 Solar LED driver  :  The two 1.25V charge current or one Lights in a stable manner LED in the pond.  The solar lawn lamp mainly uses the energy of the solar cell to work. When the daytime sunlight is irradiated on the solar cell, the light energy is converted into electric energy and stored in the battery, and then the battery is provided for the LED (light emitting diode) of the lawn lamp at night. power supply. Its advantages are mainly safety, energy saving, convenience, and environmental protection.

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Light of the sun Saw And to charge the rechargeable battery and a battery hit the error, The point the LED in the charging battery is charged to at night Light, automatic switching.

1. High efficiency: 80~90% (typical), can make full use of solar cells

2. Less peripheral components: one inductor, one capacitor

3. Input current is adjustable: white light (VIN: 2.5V; L = 120uH 14mA, L = 82uH 20mA)

 YX8018 Datasheet

[  YX8018 Datasheet Download ]

[  YX8018 Datasheet PDF Download

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Part Number : SEM5027

Function : 1CH Switching Type (Boost) 16SOP 30V MP

Package : SOP 16 Pin

Maker : Samsung

 Image :
SEM5027 datasheet

Description :

The LED driver IC is focused on effectively driving and controlling the LED, which is usually used in the backlight unit (LCD TV, Monitor). The SEMCO LED Driver IC provides a high contrast ratio through the DC - DC conversion and dimming control.


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Depending on the controlling method, it either supports the linear type or the switching type topology.




2. Monitor

3. MFM ( Multi Function Monitor )

Datasheet PDF Download :

SEM5027 pdf

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Part Number : STK403-130

Function : 2 channels AF power amplifier

Package :  ZIP 15 Pins

Maker : SANYO -> Panasonic

 Image :
STK403-130 datasheet

Description :



Datasheet PDF Download :

STK403-130 pdf

Others datasheet of same file : STK403-090, STK403-100, STK403-120
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The QM3004D, M3004D is the highest perfomance trench N-ch MOSFETs with extreme high cell density, which provide excellent RDSON and gate charge for most of the synchronous buck converter applications.

The QM3004d, M3004D met the RoHS and Green Product requirement, 100% EAS guranteed with full fuction reliability approved.

Mosfet M3004D Image

Mosfet M3004D

Mosfet M3004D

N-Ch 30V Fast Switching MOSFETs



[ M3004D Datasheet Download ]

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Part Number : 45F122, GT45F122

Function : IGBT 300V 

Package : TO-220F Type

Maker : Toshiba

 Image :
45F122 datasheet

Description :

GT45F122, 45F122 Informaions

  • Breakdown Voltage VCES (V) @Ta = 25˚C = 300V
  • IGBT Current Rating IC (A) @Ta = 25˚C : 200A
  • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
  • Case Style: TO220SIS

Datasheet PDF Download :
45F122 pdf

Others datasheet of same file : 10G131, 30F122, 30G122, 45F123
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Part Number : D13009K, 3DD13009K

Function : NPN bipolar power transistor

Maker : Jilin Sino Microelectronics

Pinouts :
D13009K datasheet

Description :

1.High pressure
2. High current capacity
3. High switching speed
4. High reliability
5. High-frequency switching power supply
6. Ultrasonic Generator
7. High-frequency power conversion
8. General power amplifier circuit

1. Energy-saving light

2. Electronic ballasts

3. High frequency switching power supply

4. High frequency power transform

5. Commonly power amplifer



Datasheet PDF Download :

Others datasheet of same file : 3DD13009K-O-C-N-B, 3DD13009K-O-AB-N-B
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Part Number : TDA11105PS

Function : CPU TDA11105PS 

Package  : 64 Pin DIP Type

Maker : NXP Semiconductors.

 Image :
TDA11105PS datasheet

TDA11105PS Pinouts :

Datasheet PDF Download :
사용자 삽입 이미지

TDA11105PS pdf

Others datasheet of same file : TDA11105PS/N2, TDA11105PS/V3
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Part Number : 2SA1121

Function : Silicon PNP Epitaxial

Maker : Renesas Electronics

Pinouts :
2SA1121 datasheet

Description :

•  Low frequency amplifier
•  Complementary pair with 2SC2618

Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Collector to base voltage : VCBO –35 V
2. Collector to emitter voltage : VCEO –35 V
3. Emitter to base voltage : VEBO –4 V
4. Collector current : IC –500 mA
5. Collector power dissipation : PC 150 mW

Datasheet PDF Download :
2SA1121 pdf

Others datasheet of same file : 2SA1121,A1121

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Part Number : ASS4148

Function : SMD Switching Diode (Io = 150mA, Vr = 75V)

Maker : Anachip Corporation

Pinouts :
ASS4148 datasheet

Description :

1. Designed for mounting on small surface.
2. High speed switching.
3. High mounting capability, strong surge withstand, high reliability.
4. Extremely thin package.
5. Lead-free device


Io = 150mA
Vr = 75V


Datasheet PDF Download :
ASS4148 pdf

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Part Number : ADS8363
Function : Dual, 1MSPS, 16-/14-/12-Bit, 4×2 or 2×2 Channel, Simultaneous Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter
Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
ADS8363 datasheet

Description :

The ADS8363 is a dual, 16-bit, 1MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with eight pseudoor four fully-differential input channels grouped into two pairs for simultaneous signal acquisition.

The analog inputs are maintained differentially to the input of the ADC. The input multiplexer can be used in either pseudo-differential mode, supporting up to four channels per ADC (4x2), or in fully-differential mode that allows to convert up to two inputs per ADC (2x2).

The ADS7263 is a 14-bit version while the ADS7223 is a 12-bit version of the ADS8363.




  • 1. Eight Pseudo- or Four Fully-Differential Inputs
  • 2. Simultaneous Sampling of Two Channels

  • Datasheet PDF Download :
    ADS8363 pdf

    Others datasheet of same file : ADS7223SRHB,ADS7223SRHBR,ADS7223SRHBT,ADS7263SRHBR,ADS7263SRHBT

    Official Hompage :
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