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Part Number : BCM4335
Function : Single-Chip 5G WiFi 802.11ac MAC/Baseband/Radio with Bluetooth 4.0+HS & FM Receiver
Maker : Broadcom Corporation

Pinouts :
BCM4335 datasheet

Description :

The BCM4335 integrates a complete, single-stream 5G WiFi system - including the MAC, PHY and RF - with Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio and software on a single silicon die.

The platform-agnostic design and integration of the MAC, PHY and RF allows the BCM4335 to be added to any smartphone or tablet regardless of the application processor used.

Designed in 40nm CMOS process, the new chips are smaller and more power efficient, giving customers more design freedom.

Datasheet PDF Download :
BCM4335 pdf

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Part Number : TA8268H
Function : Audio Power Amplifier
Maker : Toshiba

Pinouts :
TA8268H datasheet

Description :

Datasheet PDF Download :
TA8268H pdf

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Part Number : AS15G
Function : 14+1 Channel Voltage Buffers for TFT LCD / TQFP-48
Maker : Unspecified

Pinouts :
AS15G datasheet

Description :

The EC5575 is a 14+1 channel voltage buffers that buffers reference voltage for gamma correction in a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD).

This device incorporating  a Vcom amplifier circuits, four rail to rail buffer amplifier circuits (the highest two stage and lowest two stage) and 10 buffer amplifiers circuits.

The EC5575 is available in a space saving 48-pin TQFP package, and the operating temperature is from –20°C to +85°C.


Part No. 


 Top Mark 

Datasheet PDF Download :
AS15G pdf

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Part Number : K80E08K3
Function : TOSHIBA Field Effect Transistor Silicon N Channel MOS Type (U−MOSⅣ)
Maker : Toshiba

Pinouts :
K80E08K3 datasheet

Description :

„ E-Bike/UPS/Inverter

* Low drain−source ON resistance  : RDS (ON)= 7.5 mΩ(typ.)

* High forward transfer admittance  : |Yfs| = 135 S (typ.)

* Low leakage current  : IDSS= 10 µA (max) (VDS= 75 V)

* Enhancement mode  : Vth= 2.0~4.0 V (VDS= 10 V, ID= 1 mA)

Datasheet PDF Download :
K80E08K3 pdf

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Part Number : KA5Q1265RF
Function : Fairchild Power Switch SMPS for Color Television
Maker : Fairchild Semiconductor

Pinouts :
KA5Q1265RF datasheet

Description :

501265RF ==> 5Q1265RF

Reference PDF :

The Fairchild Power Switch product family is specially designed for implementing off-line switch mode power supplies (SMPS) with minimal external components. The FPS integrate a high voltage power  SenseFET  and  a  current  mode  PWM  Controller  IC.

Compared to a discrete MOSFET plus controller or RCC switching converter  solution,  the  power  switch  family  can  reduce  total component count, design size, and weight and at the same time increase efficiency, productivity, and system reliability. Fairchild’s KA5Q-series  implement  a  flyback  converter  using  the  Quasi Resonant technique. In this technique, a capacitor is added between
the MOSFET drain and source to reduce the dv/dt switching noise (EMI). The  KA5Q-series  also  features  burst  mode  operation  to reduce power consumption in stand-by mode. This product family
enables cost effective designs of color television power supplies.

The KA5Q-series devices are available in TO-220F and TO-3PF packages.

Datasheet PDF Download :
KA5Q1265RF pdf

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Part Number : LPJ0011BBNL
Function : LPJ0011BBNL 10/100 Base-T Tab down Modular Jack RJ45 connector with LED
Maker : Unspecified

Pinouts :
LPJ0011BBNL datasheet

Description :

1)RJ45 Connector with integrated transformer/common mode choke

2)Available in SMD, THT and THT with USB

3)350µH min. OCL with 8mA bias

4)Complies with IEEE 802.3

5)Extended temperature range -40°C to +85°C available

6)PoE/ PoE+


2. Operation/Application:
1)xDSL Modems

2)Embedded PC

3)LAN Applications

4)Hub, Router, Switches

Datasheet PDF Download :
LPJ0011BBNL pdf

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Part Number : LM324
Function : Low Power Quad Operational Amplifier
Maker : National ->Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
LM324 datasheet

Description :

General Description
The LM124 series consists of four independent, high gain, internally frequency compensated operational amplifiers which were designed specifically to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. Operation from split power supplies is also possible and the low power supply current drain is independent of the magnitude of the power supply voltage.

Application areas include transducer amplifiers, DC gain blocks and all the conventional op amp circuits which now can be more easily implemented in single power supply systems. For example, the LM124 series can be directly operated off of the standard +5V power supply voltage which is used in digital systems and will easily provide the required interface electronics without requiring the additional ±15V
power supplies.

Datasheet PDF Download :
LM324 pdf

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Part Number : 1N4007
Maker : Electronics Industry

Pinouts :
1N4007 datasheet

Description :

PRV : 50 - 1300 Volts
Io : 1.0 Ampere

* High current capability
* High surge current capability
* High reliability
* Low reverse current
* Low forward voltage drop

* Case : DO-41 Molded plastic
* Epoxy : UL94V-O rate flame retardant
* Lead : Axial lead solderable per MIL-STD-202, Method 208 guaranteed
* Polarity : Color band denotes cathode end
* Mounting position : Any
* Weight : 0.34 gram

Datasheet PDF Download :
1N4007 pdf

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Part Number : 74HCT138
Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
74HCT138 datasheet

Description :

The ’HCT138 devices are designed for high-performance memory-decoding or data-routing applications requiring very short propagation delay times. In high-performance memory systems, these decoders can minimize the effects of system decoding. When employed with high-speed memories utilizing a fast enable circuit, the delay times of these decoders and the enable time of the memory usually are less than the typical access time of the memory. This means that the effective system delay introduced by the decoders is negligible.

Datasheet PDF Download :
74HCT138 pdf

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Part Number : SN74LS86
Function : Quad 2-Input Exclusive OR Gate
Maker : ON Semiconductor

Pinouts :
SN74LS86 datasheet

Description :

LOW  POWER  SCHOTTKY( Quad 2-Input Exclusive OR Gate )

Datasheet PDF Download :
SN74LS86 pdf

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