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This Part Name is STK8050.

This is Semiconductor.

This product has Block Diagram functions.

Manufacturers of the product is ETC

Image and pinout :

STK8050 datasheet pinout

Some of the text files within the PDF file :

I OF IC'S BLOCKDIAGRAM . This is the basic block diagram of the inside circuit of lC. In an actual circuit, there may be sometimes idle terminals or some different functions other than the basic circuit . (svrNJM4559DS) rc101 amplifier Equalizer rc303(AN6552Fl Tonecontrolamplifier POWER ON.OFF OET€CIION CIRCUII CURRENT OVTR oEr€cnoN clRculr DataSheet D a ta S h e 6) T GROUNO protection 1C601(SVlTA7317P)Speakers DataSheet amplifier bias circuit and por'Yer 1C301,302(SVlSTK8050)Synchronous [ ... ]


STK8050 PDF Datasheet File

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