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This Part Name is 29152BU.

This is Semiconductor.

This product has MIC29152BU functions.

Manufacturers of the product is Micrel Semiconductor

Image and pinout :

29152BU datasheet pinout

MIC29150/29300/29500/29750 Micrel MIC29150/29300/29500/29750 Series High-Current Low-Dropout Regulators General Description Features The MIC29150/29300/29500/29750 are high current, high • High Current Capability accuracy, low-dropout voltage regulators. Using Micrel's MIC29150/29151/29152/29153 1.5A proprietary Super ßeta PNP™ process with a PNP pass MIC29300/29301/29302/29303 ... 3A element, these regulators feature 300mV to 370mV (full load) MIC29500/29501/29502/29503 ... 5A dropout voltages and very low ground current. Designed for MIC29750/29751/29752 ... 7.5A high current loads, these devices also find applications in • Low-Dropout Voltage ... 350mV at Full Load lower current, extremely low dropout-critical systems, where • Low Ground Current their tiny dropout voltage and ground current values are • Accurate [ ... ]


29152BU PDF Datasheet File

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