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This Part Name is 25T80.

This is Semiconductor.

This product has EN25T80 functions.

Manufacturers of the product is EON

Image and pinout :

25T80 datasheet pinout

EN25T80 EN25T80 8 Mbit Uniform Sector, Serial Flash Memory with Dual Data Mode FEATURES • Single power supply operation - Full voltage range: 2.7-3.6 volt • 8 Mbit Serial Flash - 8 M-bit/1024 K-byte/4096 pages - 256 bytes per programmable page • High performance - 100MHz clock rate - dual data mode • Low power consumption - 5 mA typical active current - 1 μA typical power down current • Uniform Sector Architecture: 256 sectors of 4-Kbyte 16 blocks of 64-Kbyte Any sector or block can be erased individually - Write Protect all or portion of memory via software - Enable/Disable protection with WP# pin • High performance program/erase speed Page program time: 1.5ms typical Sector erase time: 150ms typical Block erase time 800ms typical Chip erase time: 10 Seconds typical • Lockable 256 byte OTP security sector • Minimum 100K endurance cycle • Package Options 8 pins SOP 200mil body width 8 pins PDIP 8 contact VDFN All Pb-free pa [ ... ]


25T80 PDF Datasheet File

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