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This is Semiconductor. This Part Name is 07N60C3.

This product has Power Transistor funtions.

Manuafacturers of product is Infineon

Image and pinout :

07N60C3 datasheet pinout

Some of the text files within the PDF file :

SPP07N60C3 SPI07N60C3, SPA07N60C3 Cool MOS™ Power Transistor Feature • New revolutionary high voltage technology • Ultra low gate charge VDS @ Tjmax RDS(on) ID 650 0.6 7.3 V Ω A • Periodic avalanche rated PG-TO220FP PG-TO262 PG-TO220 • Extreme dv/dt rated 2 • High peak current capability • Improved transconductance P-TO220-3-31 3 12 • PG-TO-220-3-31;-3-111: Fully isolated package (2500 VAC; 1 minute) P-TO220-3-1 123 Type SPP07N60C3 SPI07N60C3 SPA07N60C3 Package PG-TO220-3 PG-TO262 PG-TO220FP Ordering Code Q67040-S4400 Q67040-S4424 SP000216303 Marking 07N60C3 07N60C3 07N60C3 Maximum Ratings Parameter Continuous drain current TC = 25 °C TC = 100 °C Pulsed drain current, tp limited by Tjmax Avalanche energy, single pulse ID=5.5A, VDD=50V Avalanche energy, repetitive tAR limited by Tjmax2) ID=7.3A, VDD=50V Avalanche current, repetitive tAR limited by Tjmax Gate source voltage static Gate source voltage AC (f >1Hz) Power dissipation, TC = 25°C Operat [ ... ]

07N60C3 PDF Datasheet File

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