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This Part Name is BP3122.

This is Semiconductor.

This product has High Precision PSR Constant Current LED Driver functions.

Manufacturers of the product is BPS

Image and pinout :

BP3122 datasheet pinout

Some of the text files within the PDF file :

BP3122 High Precision PSR Constant Current LED Driver Description The BP3122 is a high precision primary-side feedback and regulation controller for LED lighting, it operates in constant current control mode and is designed to work in inductor current discontinuous conduction mode and especially suitable for flyback convertor under universal input. The output power of system is recommended to less than 5W. The BP3122 integrates 650V power MOSFET. Since adopting primary sense and feedback control technology, the secondary sense and feedback circuit is eliminated. The loop compensation components are also removed while maintaining stability overall operating conditions. It uses patent pending source driver architecture and demagnetization sensing technology, the operating current is very low, and it doesn’t need the auxiliary winding for sensing the output current and supplying the chip. 

1. Built-in 650V Power MOSFET
2. Constant current control without secondary sense and feedback circuit.
3. No Auxiliary winding for sensing and supplying
4. Ultra low operating current to improve efficiency
5. Universal input voltage
6. ±5% LED current accuracy
7. LED short and open circuit protection
8. CS resistor short circuit protection
9. VCC under-voltage protection
10. Over temperature protection
11. Available in SOP-8 package

Pin Definition
Pin No. Name Description
1 CS  Current sense. This pin connects a current sense resistor to GND to detect
the primary current of transformer.
2 GND Ground
3 VCC Power supply
4 OUT Internal high voltage MOSFET Source
5,6 DRAIN Internal high voltage MOSFET Drain
7,8 NC No connection, must be floated

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BP3122 PDF Datasheet File

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