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This Part Name is DAP008.

This is Semiconductor.

This product has PWM Current-Mode Controller functions.

Manufacturers of the product is ON Semiconductor

Image and pinout :

DAP008 datasheet pinout

Customer Specific Device from ON Semiconductor DAP008 Maximus PWM Current−Mode Controller for High−Power Universal Off−Line Supplies • • • • • • • • • Extremely Low No−Load Standby Power Current−Mode with Skip−Cycle Capability Internal Temperature Shutdown Internal Leading Edge Blanking 500 mA Peak Current Capability Internally Fixed Frequency at 65 kHz Direct Optocoupler Connection SPICE Models Available for TRANsient and AC Analysis Pb−Free Package is Available Housed in an SO−8 package, the DAP008 represents a major leap toward ultra−compact Switch−Mode Power Supplies. Due to its novel concept, the circuit allows the implementation of complete off−line AC/DC adapters, battery charger or a high−power SMPS with few external components. Due to its high drive capability, Maximus is not afraid by 30 nC gate charge MOSFETs which, together with internal ramp compensation and built−in frequency jittering, ease the design of high power AC/DC adapt [ ... ]


DAP008 PDF Datasheet File

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