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This Part Name is D7377.

This is Semiconductor.

This product has 2 x 30W Dual/Quad Power Amplifier functions.

Manufacturers of the product is Silicore

Image and pinout :

D7377 datasheet pinout

Silicore 2×30W Dual/Quad Power Amplifier for Car Radio D7377 DESCRIPTIONS : The D7377 is a new technology class AB car radio amplifier able to work either in DUAL BRIDGE or QUAD SINGLE ENDED configuration. The exclusive fully complementary structure of the output stage and the internally fixed gain guarantees the highest possible power performances with extremely reduced component count. The on-board clip detector simplifies gain comp ression operation. The fault diagnostics makes it possible to detect mistakes during car radio set assemb ly and wiring in the car. HZIP15 FEATURES High output power capability: 2×35W max./4 Ω 2×30W./4 Ω EIAJ 2×20W./4 Ω @14.4V,1kHz,10% 4×6W./4 Ω @14.4V,1kHz,10% 2×10W./2 Ω @14.4V,1kHz,10% Minimum external components count: - No bootstrap capacitors - No boutcherot cells - Internally fixed gain (26dB BTL) ST-BY function (CMOS compatible) No audible pop during ST-BY operations Diagnostics facility for: - Clipping - Out to GND short 2×30W [ ... ]


D7377 PDF Datasheet File

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