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This Part Name is FFP06U40DN.

This is Semiconductor.


Manufacturers of the product is Fairchild Semiconductor

Image and pinout :

FFP06U40DN datasheet pinout

FFP06U40DN FFP06U40DN Features • Ultrafast with soft recovery • Low forward voltage Applications • • • • Power switching circuits Output rectifiers Freewheeling diodes Switching mode power supply TO-220 1 2 3 1. Anode 2.Cathode 3. Anode ULTRA FAST RECOVERY POWER RECTIFIER Absolute Maximum Ratings (per diode) TC=25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol VRRM IF(AV) IFSM TJ, TSTG Parameter Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage Average Rectified Forward Current @ TC = 100°C Non-repetitive Peak Surge Current 60Hz Single Half-Sine Wave Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Value 400 6 60 - 65 to +150 Units V A A °C Thermal Characteristics Symbol RθJC Parameter Maximum Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case Value 7.0 Units °C/W Electrical Characteristics (per diode) TC=25 °C unless otherwise noted Symbol VFM * Parameter Maximum Instantaneous Forward Voltage IF = 6A IF = 6A Maximum Instantaneous Reverse Current @ rated VR Maximum Reverse Recovery Time Maximum Reverse Recovery Cu [ ... ]


FFP06U40DN PDF Datasheet File

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