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SSR-25DA Relay Information

This is Solid State Relay. The Relay has Rated Load Current of 25A.

Official site is Fotek. This relay has the following characteristics.

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1. High Reliability by S.M.T & TQC ( Surface Mouting Technology )
2. High Isolation over than 50 Mohm / 500VDC

3. High Dielectric over than 2.5kV

4. Low Enable Current less than 7.5mA / 12VDC CMOS IC or TTL Compatible.

5. Low EMI / EFI & Surge by Zero Cross Trigger Method

6. High Surge Current Duration Over 10 Times of Rated Current / One Cycle

7. High Surge Voltage Duration By Snubber Circuit.

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* Control Method

Zero Cross Trigger Method

1. Output Turn ON or Turn OFF, only on Zero Cross Point of sine wave, may avoid surge or EMI / RFI occuring.

2. Specially suited to control resistive, capacitive and Non-saturated inductive loads.

SSR-25DA Datasheet download 


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