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Part Number : TLC555

Function : Low Power Timer / LinCOMS TIMER

Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
TLC555 datasheet

Description :

The TLC555 is a monolithic timing circuit fabricated using the TI LinCMOSprocess. The timer is fully compatible with CMOS, TTL, and MOS logic and operates at frequencies up to 2 MHz. Because of its high input impedance, this device uses smaller timing capacitors than those used by the NE555.  As a result, more accurate time delays and oscillations are possible. Power consumption is low across the full range of power supply voltage.

 1. Very Low Power Consumption
− 1 mW Typ at VDD= 5 V

2. Capable of Operation in Astable Mode
3. CMOS Output Capable of Swinging Rail to Rail
. High Output-Current Capability
− Sink 100 mA Typ
− Source 10 mA Typ

4. Output Fully Compatible With CMOS, TTL, and MOS
5. Low Supply Current Reduces Spikes During Output Transitions
6. Single-Supply Operation From 2 V to 15 V
7. Functionally Interchangeable With the NE555; Has Same Pinout
8. ESD Protection Exceeds 2000 V Per MIL-STD-883C, Method 3015.2
9. Available in Q-Temp Automotive

High Reliability Automotive Applications
Configuration Control/Print Support
Qualification to Automotive Standards

TLC555 Datasheet

TLC555 pdf

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