Part Number : MIWI06-24S12

Function : 6W, DC/DC CONVERTER 

Pacakge : DIP-24 Type

Maker : Minimax

Image :
MIWI06-24S12 datasheet

Description : 

The MINMAX MIWI06 series is a new range of high performance dc-dc converter modules with 6W output power, featuring ultra-wide 4:1 input voltage


ranges and tight output voltage regulation. The product comes in a DIP-24 package with industry standard footprint.

Features :

1. Ultra-wide 4:1 Input Range
2. High Efficiency up to 84%
3. Operating Temp. Range -40°C to +85°C
4. Overload Protection
5. I/O-isolation 1500VDC ( opt. 3000VDC)
6. Input Filter meets EN 55022,class A and FCC, level A
7. 3 Years Product Warranty

Datasheet PDF Download :
MIWI06-24S12 pdf

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